Everyday Wellness for Kids
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Everyday Wellness for Kids

Hello and welcome!

Here at Pinca Play, we’re committed to empowering kids ages 6+ and supporting their everyday wellness. From skincare and feminine care to mindfulness journals and fun board games, we’ve got a whole range of products and services designed to nurture and develop your kid’s well-being.

About the Founder

Payal Mirchandani

Payal Mirchandani started Pinca Brands in 2011 while she was pregnant with her first child. As a first-time mother, she juggled between working around the clock to kickstart her business and adjusting to the demands of motherhood. Like most first-time parents, she read every book, attended educational seminars and joined countless mums groups to help her navigate those first few years of motherhood. 

Fast forward to today, Payal now owns a successful distribution company and is a mum of two kids, aged 12 and 9. As her kids near their teen years, she finds herself once again having to navigate her way through unfamiliar territory.

Payal saw a need in the UAE, not just for products and services dedicated to tweens and teens, but to also bring like-minded parents together, ask questions in a safe space and create a sense of connection.

With her kids’ transition to preadolescence, she found herself asking questions like: 

"How much time is good screen time?”
"How do I talk to my kids about the content they consume online?”
“How do I get my kids to develop better habits?”
“How do I teach them about money and instill financial literacy?”
“How do I build their immunity?”
“How do I teach them mindfulness?”
“How do I talk to them about things like periods, shaving and other changes in their body?” 

And a whole lot more!

It was with all these questions in mind that Pinca Play was born. 

At Pinca Play, our goal is not just to deliver high quality products and services but, more importantly, we aim to educate and inspire parents through our Parent Zone, help them find the answers they need, and create a community dedicated to uplifting kids and nurturing their overall well-being.