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Kids Love Life Skills Expressing My Emotions
Expressing My Emotions
Expressing My Emotions
Expressing My Emotions

Expressing My Emotions

Kids Love - Life Skills

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Teach your kids how to express their emotions with this great Life Skills kit! Kids can play this game and understand day-to-day emotions through various fun activities and tasks. 

Reasons to love it: 

  • Improves vocabulary
  • Teaches emotional control
  • Multiplayer game; improves social connections
  • Made with durable & safe material
  • Suitable for kids 4+

What's in it:

  • A playboard
  • A spin wheel
  • 16 colourful tokens
  • 4 player cards

How it works: 

This set has a playboard with different types of emotions and several tokens. Kids can play this life activity game to learn how not to throw tantrums.

Since this is a multiplayer set, your children can learn how to socialize and express their emotions with their friends. This set can also be used for teaching, therapy and psychology.

A few tips:

This Expressing My Emotions kit from Kids Love is effective in giving your kids the ability to express their emotions and open up. It's a great toy and gifting option for kids because it instills both effective communication and confidence. On what occasion did you feel anger? What makes you feel bad and what makes you happy?  This board game teaches kids about expressing and dealing with their emotions in a safe and fun way.

Made in Italy

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